Shinju is different. Shinju is for the ADVENTUROUS. Its quality allows you to sip it. Not for the turmeric latte drinker (with oat milk). This is for those who choose to walk on the wild side. A throw to the past and a pitch to the future.

The Opportunity In Japanese Whisky

Global Japanese Whiskey market projected to grow by 9.4% CAGR over the next five years.

Mixology – demand for cocktails with Japanese Whiskey rising. No true Japanese ‘cocktail’ Whisky.

Surging demand for Japanese Whisky has caused supply at some of the largest distillers to run out.


Launched Shinju. Capitalizing on the growing opportunity.

  • Suntory and Nikka Whisky together control circa 80% of the Japanese Whisky market.
  • An opportunity for a brand to take market share.
  • Attractive for the large liquor companies who compete against Suntory but don’t have a Japanese Whiskey in their portfolio.

Price Point + Taste + Marketing

  • We created Shinju to differentiate by price point and taste.
  • The taste is smooth, but sweeter, making it well suited for cocktails.
  • The price is under most Japanese Whiskies, and in a range that gives bars, restaurants, and consumers the ability to buy as a ‘mixer’.
  • Shinju is popular with key influencers such as Wootak Kim / BarChemistry.

Key Relationships + Supply

  • Key man, with experience, on ground in Japan managing Rogue Baron’s interests.
  • Shinju is a blend so supply is rarely an issue.
  • Have potential access to aged versions of Japanese whisky.
Shinju and Cocktail
Shinju and Cigar